Tromba Ranch Cattle Round up January 2020

2020 Wounded Warrior Hunt Tromba Ranch

We had a really good hunt in mid-January of this year with the Wounded Warriors, and we were honored to share our place with them for a weekend. It was great to spend time with these patriots, and these guys could shoot! We got lucky with a cold snap the last morning and the bucks […]

Wounded Warrior Hunt 2018 at Tromba Ranch Webb Co.

This year will be our 6th hosting the Wounded Warriors at our ranch in Webb County near Bruni, and it was one of our best. Cody, Brad, Alex, and Patrick all took bucks and a few does. The trophy deer eluded us but we took some good culls and management deer. These guys were a […]

Rollerchopping and aerating soil Webb Co.

We recently purchased a chopper/aerator to improve the browse for deer on our place.  We hope to do about 200 to 300 acres a year for the next 5 years or so. I doubt this place has ever seen one of these machines, but much of the ranch has been chained at one time or […]